There is an option to pay for your treatment directly afterwards by an automated PIN method. It is our preference for treatments that are under €150,00 to be paid by this method. Treatments that cost more than €150,00 can also be paid via PIN method. Should you choose to pay for your treatment via PIN, you will receive an original copy of the invoice that can be sent to your Insurance company for reimbursement.


Please note: starting februari 7th 2017, will continue under the name Infomedics.
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Infomedics is responsible for processing your invoice and can also provide an overview of the payments terms. Patients who register with our practice automatically agree to the terms and conditions as stated by Infomedics.


If possible, Infomedics will reimburse your invoice at your health insurance company. This means that you will only receive an invoice for the amount that is not covered by your health insurance policy. You can expect to receive your invoice within 2 weeks after your appointment.

For questions regarding the reimbursement you need to contact your health insurance company. For orther questions regarding your invoice, please contact Infomedics at 036 – 20 31 900 or

Payment plans

Infomedics requires patients to pay an invoice within 30 days. Are you not able to pay in time? Please contact the Infomedics service desk (036 – 20 31 900) as soon as possible. They will be able to assist your with a payment plan.

In case your invoice has been handed over to a debt collection agency, we will not be able to charge your invoice through Infomedics as long as the invoice has not been paid. In this case, you will be required to pay the amount in full after your appointment.

Contact Infomedics
Infomedics Servicedesk: 036 – 20 31 900


Additional dental insurance

After every calendar year there is option to change dental insurance companies . There are options also for a supplementary dental premium in combination with your basic dental premium,. The supplementary dental insurance covers a broader range of treatments. When considering which dental insurance premium to take, it is advisable to inquire about treatments which are covered and those which are not.

Exceptional dental treatments

There are certain dental treatments that may be reimbursed by those who have a basic dental premium. In exceptional cases which involve congenital dental problems, there is a way to claim treatment under a basic dental premium. This can be made possible if the dentist identifies the diagnosis as an exceptional dental case. Once this is determined a detailed treatment plan and estimate will be sent to your insurer for authorization. If this request is accepted, you can declare your treatment directly to the health insurance.

Please be aware however that you may be required to pay a deductible and a mandatory administration fee by the insurer.

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