Stichting Wereld Tandheelkunde

Stichting Wereld Tandheelkunde (The foundation for world dentistry) was formed after Dr. Daniƫlle Jesse and Dr. Jan Willem Wolf visited rural areas in Kenya and did volunteer dental work. The foundation was formed with the goal to provide dental care in developing countries as well as setting up a self sustainable dental program for the local community.
The 3 ways in which the foundation hopes to achieve their goals are by doing the following:

  1. Educating the local community on the importance of dental health and setting up a dental prevention protocol/program so that it can be taught to adults and children.
  2. Conduction of research on the impact of dental prevention programs and impact of treatment on local population of work done by the foundation.
  3. Working and training the local dental community (i.e medical/dental institutions or universities) of the work done by the foundation with the hope that the preventive dental programs can run eventually by the local community itself.

Please note that the Foundation for World Dentistry is a non-profit organization and has no intention of gaining financial benefits other than for the preservation of the foundation.

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