If you are a patient of Tandartsenpraktijk Jesse, you can expect the following from us:

  • Treatments are carefully performed in accordance with professional standards. We comply with the legal requirements and guidelines regarding infection control, organization of the practice, staff training, guidelines for taking X-rays, and maintenance of dental equipments.
  • Providing dental estimates for treatments exceeding more than € 150,00. If during treatment the estimated budget increases by more than 20%, then you will be informed.
  • Dentistry is a traditional profession with risks. We work in a specialized field with unique patients. Despite doing our best to help our patients one can never predict the outcome of a treatment nor predict unseen complications which can arise. However, we will do our best to inform you of the possible risks and complications at all times.
  • From our patients we expect that you make regular appointments for a check up and examination by our team. We kindly remind you that you are responsible for the health and maintenance of your own teeth. We do not send reminder cards and is therefore advisable to make routine appointments with your dentist, dental hygienist, or preventive assistant.
  • If you believe that a treatment in any way is not performed with fairness and not in accordance to your expectations, we will try our best to resolve things. For the first step in resolving things we ask that you come and speak with the clinician who treated you. Each individual case will be looked at and evaluated closely.
  • If your grievance cannot be resolved and we cannot come to an agreement, you can direct your complaint to the Dutch Society for the Advancement of Dentistry (NMT).
  • If a treatment was performed and is recognized by our practice as unsatisfactory, it will be redone at our cost, and if this is not possible a credit will be issued for an alternative treatment.

* For orthodontics and implants different rules apply for guarantees. Agreements are included in the informed consent that is signed prior to your treatment. For more information, please contact your orthodontists mrs. A.M. Algra and mrs. E. Vroom or your Implantologist mr. J. Huigen.

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