Who do I contact when I have a question regarding my invoice?

If you have a question about your invoice you can contact the billing service Infomedics at 036 – 20 31 900 or www.infomedics.nl.


How do I cancel my appointment?

Appointments can be cancelled two working days in advance without penalty by telephone, email or through our website. Please note appointments cannot be cancelled by the SMS service.

How can I alter my address or personal details?

Please let uw know as soon as possible via our website, by phone (020-676 20 30) or email info@tandartsenpraktijkjesse.nl.

Can I receive a copy of my invoice or a new original invoice?

Once a bill is sent to your house address we do not have the original invoice in our system.  We therefore advise you to contact Infomedics and they can arrange to send you a new invoice. 036 – 20 31 900 of www.infomedics.nl

Can I reply to a text message?

SMS messages are automatically generated messages. It is not possible reply. If you want to cancel your appointment, please inform us by phone or email, at least  two working days prior to your appointment. For more information see our Cancellation Policy

I didn’t receive an SMS before my appointment. What do I do?

If we have your correct mobile phone number in our system, you will receive an SMS reminder about two days prior to your appointment. This text message includes the date, time and practitioner of your appointment. If you do not receive an SMS reminder it does not mean that your appointment is cancelled. There could be several reasons for this such as an incorrect mobile number or fault in the server of the SMS service. We provide the SMS reminder as a service only and we are not responsible should you forget. It should be reminded that the patient themselves are responsible for their appointments regardless if they receive an SMS reminder or not.

What if I receive an SMS, but don’t have an appointment?

In this case it could be that your child or your partner is a patient with us and your phone is registered with them. Please contact us to verify.

Is it mandatory to pay via PIN directly after treatment?

No, you are not obligated to pay for your treatment via PIN directly afterwards. You have the option of having the invoice sent to your house address via mail. We do prefer that amounts less than €150 are paid by PIN directly after your appointment.

If I pay via PIN, how do I arrange that with my insurance company?

If you choose to pay via PIN, you will receive an original copy of the invoice which can then be sent directly to your dental insurance company for reimbursement.

I would like to dispute a charge on my invoice that I received. Who do I contact?

If you would like to dispute a charge on your invoice please contact our practice on the following number 020- 676 20 30.

I did not receive an invoice for my treatment. Who do I contact?

If you did not receive an invoice after 2 weeks of your treatment please contact the office. We can then check whether or not your current address is correct. If you have recently moved then the invoice would have been sent to your old address.

What can we assist you with?

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