Standards of practice


Caring means that we are genuinely interested and dedicated. We want to do more than is required from us, to be informed and be connected. We want to use good listening skills and show dedication to both the patient and the practice. Our multilingual team ensures that communication for foreign dental patients is as easy as possible. We take pleasure and enjoyment in our work. We also try to follow through on what is expected of us.


Being distinctive makes a difference and sets one apart in attitude, behaviour and appearance. As a result it helps one get a better idea of one’s surroundings. We hope to bring this quality into our practice.


Loyalty is being honest and faithful; to be able to count on one another. We should be sincere and follow through on our commitments. Loyalty involves giving and taking and finding a balance. It is important to be honest and do what we say we will do. Believe in yourself and in others.


Reliability is being credible and honest. It requires one to do things right and to do what is promised with high standards and values. It also means being realistic and recognizing and pointing out the unattainable. In order to be reliable one has to abide by norms and values and be able to see the larger picture which will benefit the patient’s well being. There should not be any ulterior motives or hidden agendas. Qualities such as decency and sincerity should be evident. Reliability is important for security and quality of the end product. This applies of course also applies to the service to our patients but also to the general well being of our dental patients.

Standards of practice

All dentists, specialists and dental hygienists who are employed by Tandartsenpraktijk Jesse continually work on maintaining their skills by attending conferences and enrolling in continuing education courses.
All dentists are member of the Dutch Quality Register for Dentists (KRT)
Some of our dental hygienists are member of the Dutch Quality Register for Dental Hygienists (KRM)

Julia Park is a member of the Canadian Dental Hygienist Association.

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